Happy Birthday Mother Dearest!

Today was my mom's birthday and we didn't have anything exciting and great planned out. Just dinner at Dad's Buffet. Nom nom nom. With Neil! (Nyahahaha.)

Me, Mama and Gio before leaving to meet up with Neil. Hashtag OOTD. 
After that, we met up with Neil and walked around Glorietta to kill time. We had to be at Dad's at 6:30 but we arrived early because Neil was already at Glorietta. Dad's Buffet is a very nice buffet restaurant. Especially for those who have a pit for a stomach. That is your paradise. The place was filled with food and you could go back over and over and over again. As many times you want. And you could get as much as you want. You could put the whole tray of food on your plate if you wanted.

Me and Neil went to Landmark to buy my mom a gift first though. Yay for sharing. Yay for good hearted people like us.

This is my first plate. I shouldn't have gotten rice. BUT I LOVE RICE. 
This is Neil with his first plate. LOOK AT ALL THE FOOD HE GOT. 
Please compare the next two photos. When we were eating I noticed that...

While my plate was like this...
Neil's plate was already like this.
Neil filling up his second plate. 
Salad toppings. I don't eat salad though. 

I think I shouldn't have gone for that much rice because I was already feeling very full during my second round. 

My second plate ended up as desserts. 
After devouring all those sweets, I craved for meat and rice once again. So I ate some more and my tummy was so big and soft and I LOVE IT. GREAT FOOD. We took photos and talked and Neil bonded with Gio and my cousins. He even went full pedophile on Zachi. Mama and him talked a bit and that's great. That' it for the night.

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