Cold Pool

I went swimming with Lara yesterday at her condo in Makati. We were supposed to swim with Monica and Audrie. Us four.  A faggy reunion. Unfortunately Monica and Audrie didn't make it. Not a faggy reunion after all. 

It was just me and Lara then. We met up at greenbelt and walked to her condo and went swimming at once!!

Wow beach body with the big tummy. Nyark.
The pool was VERY VERY COLD and it was maybe kind of a bit too deep for me. I sobbed for myself a bit. I had to be on tip toe so I could breathe. Standing up straight with my feet flat on the ground would only leave my eyes above the surface. I hate it when that happens. It's like your almost there but then BAM nope you lack height. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

This is Lara and she's taller than me and her head is perfect above the water.

The pool was really cold and it was okay. It was better than the heat right? But we just stood in the pool mostly, talking and admiring the ripples on the water and taking photos. We didn't spend a long time swimming. It was kind of rushed but still really fun. I GOT TO SWIM.

Pool shot
The pool was on the highest floor (I think?) and it gave us this view. 
Obligatory "talikogenic shots." (Talikogenic - this basically refers to someone who only looks good from behind HAHA)
Lara Ackermann's talikogenic shot. 
My talikogenic shot. 
The sky opening up for me. Jk?

We finished when Lara's mom arrived. Then we walked to Glorietta and did some stuff for Lara's mom. I met up with my mom at the food court after. That's it for my day with Lara. Lack of time much? Fag reunion soon hopefully!

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