MOA wt crazy

Went to MOA with my friends the other day because we were kind of sick with town. No offense, town. We still love you lots. I went to Kate's place first because it was nearer and her mom, Ate Bhing was gonna provide us tranpos. (Thanks a ton, Ate Bhing!)

After Kate got ready we left for Pergola and met up with Audrie, Chua, Julia and Brigette. Diana and Angel couldn't make it.

We decided to eat at Sbarro. Well all of them went for Sbarro. I don't know why but I lost my love for pasta. I used to love pasta and now, not so anymore. I prefer rice. Nom nom nom. Fills my bellly. Rice and meat. Killer combo. Always a favorite. 

Me and Kate decided to eat at Aristocrat because Aristocrat is yummy. Enough said. Plus, Kate hasn't eaten there yet so I introduced her to the wonderful world of java rice and sauce. 

Waiting for our food at Aristocrat
After we got our food we walked quickly back to Sbarro so we could eat with our friends. Everyone was quiet because everyone was using MOA's free wifi. Cheesus.

We headed to F21 because we were being girly and wanted to look at pretty clothes. Hehehe. I even tried on a top and shorts because I've been really wanting a pair of new shorts since 3 months ago. The top didn't suit me and the shorts were 1, 995 pesos. Cute price. Nevermind.

We watched Burt Wonderstone and that was one of the funniest movies I have ever watched. I don't regret spending money on the ticket. It was very funny. 

After that, we went to Manila Bay to enjoy the view and just hang out and take some pictures. 

A picture with jesus aka the beautiful sky behind us.

Take a moment and admire how pretty this is. With the setting sun reflecting on the sea. It was really a spectacular sight. From what I've heard the moment we saw this, "Parang kukunin na tayo ni Lord!!!" Yes, I think so too. 

Look at the sun peeking through the clouds. What a lovely shade of orange.
Obligatory shot with Audrie.

Do you realize all our mouths are open. I-
We had to leave eventually. The ride home was great. My stomach hurt from laughing too hard and because I felt high on happy. I really did. So corny. So cheesy. Whatever. I felt really happy. These pictures will speak for me. 

Kate though 
HAHAHAHAHA please explain what emotion I am feeling in this photo because I really don't know.
This is everyone partying too hard in the can and me praising the Lord as much as I can. 
To sum everything up, the day was perfect and these friends of mine made it more perfect. 

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